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Introduction of the Oxydiphthalic anhydride



Oct. 08, 2022
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ODPA also named oxydiphthalic anhydride or odpa anhydride, is a solid, melts in the range of 225-229 °C, offering a greater degree of flexibility than other commercial dianhydrides. It also is somewhat less reactive than BTDA.  ODPA has largely been used in polyimides and much less so in epoxies. It imparts special performance properties in free films and in FCCL production for high-end personal electronic devices.Contact us to get more information!

Introduction of the Oxydiphthalic anhydride:

Chemical Name:ODPA

Other Name:Oxydiphthalic Anhydride,OPDA Anhydride



Molecule Weight:310.22

Structural Formula:

CAS NO.:1823-59-2

HS CODE:2909-3000


Features of CAS NO. 1823-59-2 ODPA 4,4'-Oxydiphthalic anhydride

1. Excellent thermal stability

2. Good chemical resistance

3. Stable mechanical properties

4. Polyimide does not need to add flame retardant to prevent burning.

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Application of oxydiphthalic anhydride

ODPA is also used to produce polyetherimide thermoplastic resins. A good balance of rigidity and flexibility leads to high toughness, a requirement for these high-performance engineered materials, used in a variety of aerospace, automotive and industrial parts.

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Product Specification of oxydiphthalic anhydride



CharacteristicsWhite or almost white powder, no bad smell

Melting point(°C)


Single metal ion (mg/kg)



25kg/fiber drum


Making polymer material


4,4'-Oxydiphthalic   dianhydride; 5,5’-oxybis-3-isobenzofurandione;oxydiphthalicanhydride; 4-4'-OXYDIPHTHALIC   ACID ANHYDRIDE; 4,4'-OXYDIPHTHALIC ANHYDRIDE; BIS-(3-PHTHALYL ANHYDRIDE)   ETHER; ODPA;4,4'-Oxydiphthalic Acid.

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