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1000pcs Custom Stickers Personalized Business Text ...



Dec. 06, 2023
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I purchased these to place on my business envelopes/packages when mailing to my customers. The colors were actually several shades darker than I expected and since my picture is part of the logo on the sticker I am much darker in skin tone and my eyes are blacked out. So I am not happy with the color graphics at all. On the website the background I chose was purple but in person they look black also. I was expected the stickers to either come in a roll form or sheets the were equal in size. Again they were not at all like the visuals displayed on the website. I ordered 350 stickers. I have all different sized sheets making it impossible to keep them together or organized. I have some sheets with only 3 stickers a piece on them. I have some sheets with 6 stickers a piece and others that have 9 stickers a piece. They are all cut different sizes. There is absolutely no rationale or reason why they cut some of these in this manner. My guess is they were having problems with the print. So rather than re-do them I have an assortment of whatever. They were not even sealed inside the envelope properly. The quality is thin and not very stick worthy or durable. So no I am not happy with them and I waited a month to get them. I have included pictures above. I will not purchase again from this company. It was a mistake!
After speaking with Amazon they are handling my refund issues with this company. This Company is based in CHINA and is not a USA company. Without Amazon I was looking at 20-25 days to get a full refund in turn around time. I am looking for $25 to be refunded in 7 days. Thank you Amazon!

Bulk Stickers, Bigger Savings

Looking for an affordable way to brand your packages and products? Bulk stickers get you more bang for your buck. With bulk sticker printing, you can customize a design and order in large quantities. Why should you print in bulk? For businesses that need quality prints to support their day-to-day operations, bulk printing is practical and cost-effective.

Whether your stickers are for product packaging, event giveaways, or branding merchandise, NetxtDayFlyers delivers consistent quality in every order. Since bulk custom sticker printing saves on materials and shipping costs, our prices are much cheaper when you order in large quantities. More than affordable printing, NextDayFlyers also offers a wide range of customization options and quick printing turnarounds.

You can easily upload or create your design on our website and select the best size and sticker material to suit your purpose. Best of all, we can get your sticker ready in just 24 hours. Order by 6:00 p.m. PT Monday through Friday and your stickers will ship out by 7:00 p.m. PT on the next business day.

Get the Most Out of Your Wholesale Sticker Printing

A well-designed sticker or label leaves a strong impression on your customers. Here’s how you can create an effective batch of bulk custom stickers:

Create individually cut labels for manual applications. Also known as cut-to-size stickers, these are shipped in stacks and pre-cut according to the shape of your sticker design. Individually cut stickers work great as giveaways or packaging slips since they are already separated per piece.

For individually cut stickers, you can choose from these material options:
70 lb. label is an all-purpose indoor sticker with a slightly glossy finish. Give your stickers added protection with gloss, matte, or high-gloss UV coating.

White vinyl sticker is our toughest sticker material. Waterproof and UV-resistant, this is the same adhesive used for bumper stickers. If you want stickers that can last indoors and outdoors, choose white vinyl.

Upload your circle, oval, rectangle, or square-shaped custom sticker designs and print them on a roll for fast peeling and application. Roll stickers are delivered pre-wrapped around a cardboard spool that fits most sticker dispensers, so you’ll surely save time instead of applying each sticker by hand.

For roll stickers, you can choose from these material options:
White premium sticker paper is our most popular indoor material. Ideal for indoor application, this adhesive has a smooth, semi-gloss finish but you can also add a gloss or matte coating.

Biaxially-oriented polypropylene or (BOPP) is ideal for labeling products that will be exposed to oil, water, moisture, or stored in a freezer.?This comes in white, clear, and silver metallic material.

Estate adhesive paper is an uncoated adhesive with a natural, textured feel. It is popularly used for wines and mailing labels. Make your stickers scratch-resistant by simply adding matte coating.

Order a minimum of 1,000 stickers for store display or delivery purposes.

Select next-day printing and your stickers will ship out within 24 hours. Send us your artwork file or create a design online today. Print bulk stickers with NextDayFlyers today.

Get Started With Design Templates

Browse our free sticker design templates that you can easily customize with our online design too. Just add your logo, change the text, and make it yours.

Choose from a wide selection of styles like modern, corporate, and floral designs.

Here’s how to customize banners on the website:

Choose a design template and click Customize.

Use the design toolbar to add your own images, insert shapes and text, change colors, and more.

Click Preview, Save, and Proceed to Order once you’re done with the design.

Bulk Stickers FAQs

How much does it cost to print bulk stickers?
Our minimum order quantity for bulk stickers is 1,000 pieces. The price will depend on the size, material, and quantity you choose. The more stickers you order, the lower the cost per piece.

What’s the difference between gloss, matte, and high-gloss UV coating?
Each sticker finish lends a different effect for your design. Choose the type of coating that fits your artwork and the style of your brand.

Gloss comes with a reflective shine that makes the colors pop and protects your prints from dust, moisture, and fingerprint marks.
High-gloss UV is much shinier than gloss coating and adds more vibrance to your designs. Stickers with high-gloss UV can withstand multiple handling because of the coating’s extra thickness and protection from abrasion.
Matte has a smooth, satin-like texture and a muted effect. It does not reflect the light, so it’s suitable for dark prints and heavy text in your design.

What is shrink-wrapping? Should I shrink-wrap my stickers?
We offer shrink-wrapping for individually cut stickers. This is the process of wrapping them tightly in plastic film. Shrink-wrapping protects your stickers from getting damaged and helps preserve their quality during storage, especially for uncoated stickers.

What is printing turnaround time?
This is the time it takes for us to print and get your stickers ready for delivery. If you choose Next Business Day printing turnaround, it means that if you upload and confirm your order by 6:00 p.m. your bulk stickers will be ready for shipping between 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the next day. You can select your preferred printing turnaround time using our order calculator. Note that our printing turnaround times are only from Mondays to Fridays, and do not include weekends, holidays, and delivery transit.

Do I see a proof first before I pay?
Yes, you can choose to receive a PDF proof file to review and approve. On the product page, after selecting the printing and delivery options, just click “Start With Free Proof” in the Upload Artwork section.

1000pcs Custom Stickers Personalized Business Text ...

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