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What is Hydrazine Hydrate



Jan. 12, 2023
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Product Description

Chemical Name: Hydrazine Hydrate

Cas No.: 7803-57-8

Assay: 40%, 55%, 64%, 80%, 100%

Package: 200kgs HDPE plastic drum

Storage: Store it in a ventilated, low temperature and dry place

Transportation: Ocean, Road

Payment terms: T/T, L/C, D/P

Incoterm: FOB, CIF, CFR, DAP, FCA.


AppearanceTransparent oily liquid
Molecular formulaH6N2O
Molecular weight50.060
Melting point−51.7℃ (lit.)
Boiling point120.1℃ (lit.)
Density1.03 g/mL at 20℃


Hydrazine hydrate is also known as Hydrazine Monohydrate, Diamid hydrate, Diamide monohydrate, etc. Hydrazine hydrate is a kind of colorless and transparent oily liquid with a light ammonia smell, which smokes in moist air, has strong alkalinity. Hydrazine hydrate 40%-80% solution is the most widely used in the industry.


As an aqueous solution, hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives are provided by us, which are widely used as reducing agents, foaming agents, corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers or synthetic intermediates.

Hydrazine derivatives are used in the manufacture of herbicides and fungicides, as well as plant growth regulators. From sedatives to the main drugs for controlling tuberculosis, hydrazine derivatives have been proven to be effective ingredients in many drugs.


1. Used as a raw material for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, developers, antioxidants and plastic foaming agents

2. Boiler water deoxidizer

3. Used as reducing agent and solvent

4. Used as analytical reagent

5. Used for the separation of high-purity metals, synthetic fibers and rare elements


We have been in the Hydrazine hydrate industry for more than 15 years since 2005. Based on this, we have established strong business relations with the main renowned manufacturers in China. So when the market changed and its stock is tight, we would be the best supplier and adviser of Hydrazine hydrate. We could meet different product index and contents requirements of our customer with the fastest delivery time. Not to mention that the high product quality and excellent customer service is always the goal we aim to.



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